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Rainer Burger



Iram “Eve” Sheikh



Christopher Devane


Madhvi Nijjar


Arthur Savarese


Timothy Jones


Vote  For The Unity Party March 21, 2023  12pm - 9pm Marcus Christ Hall 1420 Jericho Turnpike NHP


The New Hyde Park Unity Party consists of a three member Board of Directors. The Board is proud to put forth our candidates for the March 21, 2023 Village election. The Party stands for the principles of an open , honest, diverse and inclusive form of Village government. We pledge that this diversity extends not only to our candidates but to a broad array of ideas and opinions. All of us have chosen this great community as our home. We are aware of the financial commitment it takes to make that a reality. These candidates are committed to making New Hyde Park a safe and vibrant community. Our Village will be facing a variety of challenges over the next four years. We have listened to our neighbors about their concerns. The slow decline of the suburban feel of our community is a recurring complaint. This is reflected in different types of issues that affect residents across the entire Village. Every effort will be made to address the quality of life in our neighborhood. This Village should be a desired location for all people to want to make it their home. We realize that the answer to all these issues is neither found in a single person as Mayor nor in the five members of the Board. The solution is in all of us uniting and working together. The Unity Party is asking for the great members of our community from every background and profession to join with us to tackle the challenges of the next four years. It is only through the open exchange of opinions and ideas that the best solutions result. Our candidates realize while they are temporary placeholders in these individual positions, we are all, and will continue to be, neighbors in this beautiful and diverse community. From our parks to Village Hall, these facilities belong to all of you. This party is determined to make them more open and accessible to our residents. We plan on making major upgrades to these parks and buildings. Our goal is to make you proud to call this community your home. Please join us in this journey over the next four years. If you would like to volunteer, want a lawn sign, wish to donate to our campaign or share your view on an issue important to you, please reach us by following the links. We need your support and especially your vote on March 21st.  VOTE FOR UNITY!!

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